♡ E-books by Raw Jenni ♡


Click on picture above to get to a FREE Preview of my book,

♡    Diary of a Raw Vegan  ♡  on sale for $2.99 right now, for a limited time!

From junk food junkie to raw vegan.

You can do it too by learning the following:

♡    How to get lightening fast digestion and increased metabolism through tips and lessons I learned.
♡    What detox symptoms are “normal” to go through.
♡    What recipes helped me stay long term as a raw foodie/raw vegan.
♡   What mistakes I made, that you can avoid!

 Don’t miss out on this limited time offer of $2.99!!!

292 pages, Including the following:

♡  Health problems I suffered from, and what went away by eating like this
Easy to read ~ food journals, how I was feeling, where I struggled, what I was learning, and more
♡   My favorite recipes
♡   Mistakes and tips
♡   Summary of my life story revolving around junk food to becoming raw vegan and healthier

Keep it Fruity 🙂


3 thoughts on “♡ E-books by Raw Jenni ♡

  1. What a great story very informational love recipes photo chapter cool inspired me to eat healthy

  2. Raw Jenni says:

    Book review from my friend Dee, a non-raw/vegan:

    It was easy to read, interesting and it was informative.
    Not only are you eating raw food but are raw about yourself with your stories and pictures.

    I learned things about you I didn’t know, so even fun to read for those of us who know you.

    Mainly I am proud of you for being so consistent with your new lifestyle. It is hard in our world to be consistent with our food and you are doing an amazing job. Very very proud of you for being consistent with eating in a way that works for you.

    I have to admit I didn’t read all the entries about what you ate that day. Sorry but unless you want to live that style, after a while it feels the same. But still love the recipe ideas.

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