Basics of My Raw Food Diet

Basics Raw Food

Happy Digestion Dance!

Happy Digestion Dance pina juice

80 10 10

Watch below for all the “juicy” details…

KeepinitFruity 🙂


Books I Recommend for Great Health

80 10 10 China Study

These are where I got my BEST information from.

✿ 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham
✿ The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

✿ Books by Megan Elizabeth for Recipes and Lifestyle at this link:

✿ Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee

Keep it fruity with me!

✿ Diary of a Raw Vegan, by me! On sale for $2.99 right now

Do You Want a Lightening Fast Digestion and Metabolism?



Be aware and grow in your awareness of good food combining.

It can truly make a difference in your digestion, and therefore your ability to lose weight if you are looking to do so.  You want a healthy moving digestive track with everything flowing freely, not getting stuck.

The first basic step is to eat fruit alone.  It is best in the morning.  It digests very quickly, and will catch up to other things you have eaten.  (Then it can cause fermentation, gas, bloating, and other fun stuff!)  Thus, keeping it first in the morning is best!  (Unless you eat it all day – like me, but I eat it alone or mixed with tender greens.)

Even fruit needs to be combined properly.  There are several types of fruits.
Here is my food combining song to help master the basics…

Books that I have learned this from (as well as my experience now) are the following:

80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham
Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee

and my own book, sharing my first year of eating this way,

Diary of a Raw Vegan by Raw Jenni (me) is on sale right now for a limited time for $2.99

Find out more about how I got lightening fast metabolism and digestion!  And how my metabolism and digestion were healed from years of eating junk food!


Your only disease is “I don’t wanna eat my fruit, greens, or drink enough water” disease.

My mom and I were joking around when this title came out…
but I believe this is truly the real “disease” people have. The disease is in their belief system. “Oh, I can eat n drink whatever the bleep I want and not suffer any consequence for it.”

Then they actually do suffer for the choices (as did I), so they slap some pain med or alcohol or drug of choice on top of it to mask the pain. Except what does that cure?


Repeat cycle of craziness.

…Until you are sitting there in all your glorious misery wondering, “How the heck did I get stuck in this lousy place?”

Back to people I know…. They don’t like salad, they choose water as a last resort, and they are in a lot of pain, most of the time.

Being almost 40, I have learned by now that I cannot fix anyone or convince them to change. No one could fix me. I had to be willing and open to the truth. And until that happened, nothing changed.

One of the best things I was ever taught by my friend and mentor, Rich Case, was to “be willing to be made willing.”

You may not be “willing” to change right now, but are you willing to be made willing? That is the difference that I believe will bring change to your life.

I love change. Change for the better. I crave it. I’m constantly after it.

Not everyone is like me or has that personality. Ok, fine. But do you have an open or closed heart?
That will make the difference for your present and your future.

You wanna stay in glorious misery? Fine, stay there. But don’t complain to me about how much pain you are in.