❄❄❄ Coaching ❄❄❄

Need some help?

On your raw food journey?  ✿  Your raw food recipes?  ✿  Or even just increasing in healthy foods and exercises?

Bloated n Angry

I would LOVE to help!

I have…

✿   been high raw since 2010 (including gluten free and dairy free).
✿   been mostly raw vegan since Fall of 2012.
✿   researched raw food, raw food preparations and recipes, and now raw vegan extensively.
✿   been healed of more than 20 health problems, including:

❀❀❀❀❀   asthma   ❀   allergies   ❀   arthritis   ❀   constipation   ❀   hormonal problems   ❀   PMS   ❀   weight loss
❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀   teeth sensitivities, and so much more!! See Testimonies Page for details.

✿   created raw food and raw vegan recipes, and my first e-book will be available online by Christmas 2013!
✿   been a raw food blog publisher since 2010, and on Kindle with 2 of my blogs.

I would LOVE to coach and encourage you in your journey into any of these areas!

✿    Raw food     ✿     Raw veganism   ✿   Emotional and spiritual issues that hinder your progress    ✿    Exercise goals   ✿

See my videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/222jenni to get a feel for my style.

My prices are below, and you may email me at RawJenni@gmail.com with any questions 🙂


45 minute single session Skype or FaceTime



45 minute Skype or FaceTime session
1 – 30 minute chat session (format to be agreed upon)
Email follow ups – up to 5

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6 – 45 minute Skype or FaceTime sessions
2 – 30 minute chat sessions (format to be agreed upon)
Unlimited emails – follow up within 24 hours

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10 – 45 minute Skype or FaceTime sessions
10 – 30 minute chats
Unlimited emails – follow up within 24 hours
(Goal will be in a 3 to 6 month period, but is negotiable, will not expire until time commitments are fulfilled)

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Email me at… RawJenni@gmail.com

with questions, or to let me know you are interested in being coached.

Tropical sunrise smoothie

Disclosure… I am not a licensed nutritionist or a doctor.  I am merely an encourager on your raw food journey to better health, sharing my journey, experience, and tips that have worked with you.  By hiring me, you agree that you understand and accept these terms.

I am also able to encourage you spiritually and with emotional issues that hinder you and your raw food progress, not as a licensed psychiatrist, or therapist of any type, but as someone who has worked through my own emotional and spiritual journey.  By hiring me, you agree that you understand and accept these terms.

My perspective is Grace filled Christian/Spirit led, so know that is where I will be coming from.  I am not about strict rules and regulations in life, but relying on the Holy Spirit in every aspect to move forward.  Hiring me means you accept these terms, and you will not hold me or my business liable for any harm.

You do not have to agree with everything I say, but being open minded would be the best scenario.


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