Gardening Goals

roof deck

I don’t have a lot of ground space for planting.  But I have a roof deck that gets full sun.

I want to plant a lot of new things up there this spring and see what we can do ourselves going forward.

Lettuce in containers


Another link with good organic info:

grüner Blattsalat

From the links above:

Where (to grow)

Lettuces can grow in most soil types but require the soil to be constantly moist. Partial shade is good for them in mid-summer and they should not be grown again in the same soil for at least 2 years.

Type of Container

Lettuces will grow well in relatively shallow window boxes or pots with loose-leaf varieties continuing to produce leaves even after you cut them if the stems are left in place. Close planting is fine and can prevent weeds from getting a hold.


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