Other Favorite Recipes (not mine)

Amazing Banana Cherry pie

May try this with blueberry one day in summer!

Cherry Apple Pie

Raw Pizza Bites


Caramel Apple Date Dip (by Megan Elizabeth)

Click on the picture below for my video and recipe.

Caramel Apple Date Dip

16 – 20 Dates (soaked for 30 minutes) can add the date water for blending 1/8 cup, add as you go (up to 1/2 cup)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 half tsp vanilla

Blend in Vitamix

Banana Apple Date cake

Banana apple date cake

Cucumber Date Dill Bites

cuc dill date bites

Raspberry (or cherry/blueberry/strawberry) banana ice cream sundae

Berry delicious ice cream

More recipes I want to try:

Cherry banana smoothie with cinnamon

Banana ice cream with mulberries for the “cookie dough”

“Rock melon mylk” or cantaloupe juice, blended in Vitamix


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