Jenni’s Favorite Drinks

Raw Chocolate Moccachino

~ 3 bananas (frozen or not, but the riper the better!)

~ 3 dates (soaked, pitted)

~ 1 cup of water (the water the dates were soaking in is the BEST)

~ 1 T raw carob powder (I have heard that cacao is an excitotoxin that affects the adrenal glands, so now I use carob powder instead.)

~ 1 cup of ice makes it SOOO very nice 🙂


This is the raw carob powder and raw vanilla powder version (instead of cacao powder). I add lettuce some days to get my greens in this way, instead of a salad.

I drink much larger quantities of these now, on my raw vegan low fat lifestyle.

Cherry-ade or Cherry Datorade

1.5 cups of cherries blended with 16 dates and lots of water to your liking of thickness.


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Pepperminty “Hot Chocolate”


3 thoughts on “Jenni’s Favorite Drinks

  1. Dagbaji says:

    we start to use almond milk, banana and cacao powder with some cinnamon, Its great, especially in winter raw diet

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