Reminders to “Keep it Fruity”


Reminders for the journey:

I’m the personality type that supposedly is hardest on myself, so this is my reminder to “lighten up!” Geesh!

Then a reminder that it takes me 3 days to 6 days to adjust to the fruity 80/10/10 way of eating, so going off of it means I have to go through that again!  No thank you!

Amazing health testimonies from people who are high raw and 100% raw.

Why I’m doing this – the health improvements I’m looking for:

~ Natural hair color to return

~ Digestive tract to speed up

Happy Digestion Dance!

Happy Digestion Dance

~ Fertility improvements

~ Hormonal balance (zero cramps when fruity!)

~ Eyesight to improve

Stay FREE of coffee, meat, dairy, gluten, and cooked food.

NO MORE CHEEEEEESE!!!!  (Says the Wisconsinite!)

Eating goals:

To eat as many “mono-meals” as possible – to ease digestion and detox digestive tract.

Aim for the 80/10/10 for better digestion, energy, and better hydration.

Dental goals:

Teeth have been sensitive for about a year now, since I got the metal out of my mouth in November 2011.

I recently read that increasing greens will wipe out teeth sensitivity… this worked for me!!!


Fruit is easiest on the digestion.  Freeing my body up to heal everything else.

fat vs muscle fat vs muscle 2 Fruity Benefits


From Freelee the Banana Girl

brain foods health tips oranges Protein sources vitamin waters


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