000who thrives on raw food

Click on picture below for video on my healing from asthma and allergies!

Healed of Asthma

Constipation issues!

Constip final

Menstruation issues:

Bloated n Angry




Below are my third round updates of attempting Raw vegan diet or lifestyle preferably.  I posted monthly updates on this trial, and am continuing to do so.  The video links are below… As well as other videos regarding raw food.  Click on the pics below for the videos.

000first month raw vegan     2nd month raw vegan

20130808-195008.jpg     photo (11)
Month 5    6 month cover

Loving 80/10/10
Nov 16, 2012 – Uploaded by Raw Jenni
Update on Raw Jenni’s 52 week challenge to going 100% raw!

More Videos:

Colorado River tour – quick video:

Overview of our Grand Canyon hike (video):


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