Why I Became a Vegetarian (and Vegan and Raw)

Here’s my story, in the video below, on why I became a vegetarian.

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Books I Recommend for Great Health

80 10 10 China Study

These are where I got my BEST information from.

✿ 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham
✿ The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

✿ Books by Megan Elizabeth for Recipes and Lifestyle at this link:

✿ Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee

Keep it fruity with me!

✿ Diary of a Raw Vegan, by me! On sale for $2.99 right now

Keepin’ HIM Fruity Too!


Fruity Parfaits (on the right):

❄  Frozen bananas, blended in Vitamix (or other powerful blender)
❄  Blended blueberries
❄  Blended strawberries
❄  Couple of blueberries to sprinkle on top

Blend separately and layer for a gorgeous effect!

Mango and Strawberry Dressings (on the left):

❄  Blend 1 – 2 mangos (or frozen) with 3 Tbsp of coconut sugar and use as a dressing

❄  Blend frozen strawberries with the juice with 3 Tbsp of coconut sugar and use as dressing

Tastes delicious criss-crossing the two on a salad for special occasions!


❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄

Books I recommend for more information:

Diary of a Raw Vegan, by me!  On sale for $2.99 right now
80/10/10 by Douglas Graham
Go Fruit Yourself by Freelee
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
Books by Megan Elizabeth for Recipes and Lifestyle


6 Month Trial as a Raw Vegan, Summarized

6 month cover

✿   ✿   ✿  Click on photo above for video update from Lakefront Chicago!   ✿   ✿   ✿ 

Even though I’ve been aiming at being Raw Vegan for a year total, and having success for certain amounts of time, here and there this past year…

I did these one per month videos these last six months, to motivate myself and perhaps help others that were new to this lifestyle.

This is the final video and post for my six month challenge.

✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿

Will I continue to be Raw Vegan (or high Raw Vegan/Low Fat)?


I’ve been healed of too many health problems to go backwards!

✿  Asthma gone!
✿  Allergies gone!
✿  Arthritis gone!
✿  Digestive issues and constipation gone!
✿  Hormonal issues ~ 75% better.

✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿

Will I continue to post monthly videos, checking in about it?


I may focus more now on exercise updates and other insightful things about the Raw Vegan, 80/10/10 lifestyle.

We’ll see how the response goes for this video and post.

What would you most like to see in the future?

✿   ✿   ✿  Comment below on your thoughts  ✿   ✿   ✿

Love & Hugs!




I wanted to issue myself a 30 day challenge to UP MY LEVEL of exercise a notch or two.

~~~   THE GOAL:  30 days alternating Peak 8 exercises* and 100 squats.

I put up my picture of me today at 164 pounds, and putting this out there, so I keep accountable to doing the full 30 days.

What are the Peak 8’s? 

*Peak 8 exercises can be any exercise I choose, but pushing it as hard as I can for 30 seconds, then resting until I recover completely.  Then do again (8 times total).

So in this 30 days, I will alternate between…

15 days of Peak 8 exercises (every other day) in the following formats:

~ Stairs in preparation for my Grand Canyon hike training
~ Stationary cycling
~ Skating (roller :)) because I LOVE IT!  And I’m a product of the 70’s and Xanadu!!!
~ Possibly some rebounding (jumping on the trampoline)

And 15 days of 100 squats on the days in between



1.     I’ve been curious to see if what my chiropractor says is true.  He tells me that I only need the Peak 8’s every other day for my body’s optimal health (as far as exercise is concerned).  I’ve never quite gotten to that point of keeping it up faithfully.

2.    NOW, that I’m pretty stable on a high raw vegan diet, I’m ready AND CRAVING to up my exercise and see what happens!  

Even though I’ve been high raw vegan for over a year, my weight has lingered around the same 160’s lately, perhaps because I don’t have a consistent exercise routine, perhaps because I haven’t been raw/vegan long enough, etc, etc.  But I’m ready and motivated to up the exercise to what I believe is a healthy minimum (more than what I’ve been doing).  I don’t think it’s overdoing it (I’m not out running for hours or something, no offense to those who like that).

3.    Plus I love Freelee’s 100 squats a day (and the other people who started it).

So I’m combining these two minor things, and seeing what results come in a month!  I’M NOT AT THE POINT OF DOING ANYTHING REALLY STRENUOUS YET… I think a lot of people relate to that and where I’m at, YA?

So JOIN IN with me if you like!

Comment below if you are IN!  I’ll check in occasionally on a post and/or video, and definitely at the end of the 30 days (around Thanksgiving)!  LET’S DO THIS & LET’S SEE HOW WE DO!


Days 161 – 180

Click on picture below for the Month 5 video update:

Month 5

Highlights from Month 5:

~ Made it over 2 weeks fully raw vegan!  Woo!

~ Sex is so much better!

~ Mind shift happened regarding what a “treat” means.

~ Craving exercise!

~ Hormones 75% better.

~ Better sense of humor!  Instead of feeling offended so often.

~ Not all is perfect – occasional detox headache or need to rest.  Then energy burst comes after that.

~ Mistake windows getting smaller.