“Health is just as contagious in a home as unhealthiness.”

So far…

Asthma is gone!

Arthritis basically gone – even in the winter!

Allergies seem to be gone!

I used to get 4 bad colds a year, each time the seasons changed. They would last 10 days usually. I no longer get colds… at all. Praise God!

Dry skin gone, even in the DRY dry Midwest winter!

Teeth sensitivities are 90% gone!!!

~ I don’t feel the cold sting when I eat cold fruit now! Woo!

I have a blushy glow without need for base face makeup.

10 pounds down, BMI down almost 2 full points. Inches coming off. Clothes looser.

Digestion so much better! NO more constipation! Woo!!!

Heartburn and congestion greatly reduced and usually GONE!

I have an improved love and zest for life!

Hormones stabilizing. Cramps gone! Hot flashes gone or greatly reduced!

Headaches basically gone.

Emotions stabilizing. Ability to speak clearly and directly what I’m feeling, identify what I’m feeling very easily. Ability to communicate better without raging emotions.

Better sense of humor!

Sex is wayyyy better! Libido is up!

I feel WAY more satisfied by the fruits and greens I’m eating. In the past, I couldn’t go to bed if I suddenly got hungry. Or I would get out of bed and eat some bread or pasta. Now if I feel a slight hunger approach after getting into bed, it is very minor. I still feel satisfied by what I ate.

I have more energy than I know what to do with! I’m taking on more exercise on a daily basis now, and I’m organizing a lot!

See also my Videos for updates on what’s been healed on my raw food diet!


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