Travel Tips for Raw Vegans

I’ve mastered a few things now while travelling as a raw vegan.  These are my tips for short road trips.

Click on picture below for the video…

7 Travel Tips

1.  Blend dates ahead of time – 50 dates or more!

2.  Blend apples mixed with Chai spices ahead of time.

3.  Freeze your favorite smoothies ahead of time, and drink as they thaw out.

4.  Take 4 or more big pitchers of blended drinks, blended dates, blended apples, and anything that you won’t be able to blend on the road.

5.  Easy to travel fruits – figs, cherimoyas, oranges, apples, bananas.

6.  Grocery store to fill in the rest – get your lettuce, guacamoles, salsas, etc.

7.  Patience and grace for the journey and the imperfections!

8.  Eating at restaurant tips:
✿  Order a big salad with all the ingredients you see on the menu that work for you.
✿  Order a smoothie (non dairy, just fruit) for your dressing.
✿  Tell the waitress you have dietary restrictions or issues.
✿  You can even offer to write down what you CAN have, or carry around with you something pre-written.  (One waitress ASKED ME to write down what I could have.)
✿  Pick restaurants that are not very tempting for you (to revert back to SAD ways of eating).  I pick seafood places or a TGI Fridays accommodates me well.

My video playlist on my YouTube Channel shows what I’ve chosen while traveling by plane or car.




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